Favourites on Friday… #3.41!

This week in particular I’ve dreaded the arrival of Friday! 

Before I sound like a complete brat, let me clarify that while I appreciate every opportunity that comes to me, today I leave Tom and Keith for two whole weeks. 

I can’t believe how fast the trip came around. I’ve just spent the weekend in Oxford and arrived in Rome this evening. You might remember a little over two years ago I was away for ISYL ’14, this two weeks is a CIL program. 

I have spent the week, wishing I had more time, to spend with Tom and Keith, but realistically would it ever be enough?   Guys look at this cake… I mean it was outstanding- you can find the baker of this beauty on Facebook…Nicola Lawlor!   My beautiful Jord watch will have its own post very soon.  This Shiseido Ibuki sleeping mask is so worth the hype, easily one of my favourite skincare discoveries this year.  Sure how could you pass up Stellar at the airport! Some gorgeous bloggers in this issue too. So I had my two nights in Oxford on the same property (like 10 meters away) from this…horror movie set…I mean greenhouse.  I loved Oxford. I’ll be pretty busy this week, but keep an eye on my Instagram, for daily updates… 

Have a great week!

❤️ Siobhán. 

I HEART HANDBAGS #4: The mini pochette.

So I’d really like to thank Louis Vuitton for partnering for this post! 

Yeah right! 

Ah we can dream… to be a hundred percent clear, I bought this with my own money that I worked hard for! HA! But wait til you see her. I have always wanted a mini pouchette, I mean it even fits in the Chanel mini flap bag. It’s that cute.  Ok ok… I need to calm myself. But such is my excitement.  Before I say another word… a little back story! These Christmas Limited Edition illustrated mini pochettes are nearly impossible to get your hands on. I went in store to register my interest in AUGUST! I knew they were hard to get, so I wanted to avoid disappointment.  It’s not an understatement to say I probably rang Louis Vuitton weekly in the month of September…some would call it harassment… I call it perseverance. I didn’t want to be a nuisance, but I also didn’t want to be pochetteless. The result was she’s now mine. Here is the Monogram animated Mini Pochette. There are no words to explain how pretty she is… I originally wanted the Damiar Ebene to match my Louis Vuitton Speedy, but it was impossible to get. (For the geeks like myself the Damiar Ebene has a red band (sea) along the bottom and I prefer the pink. Ah for anyone following my Instagram I apologise in advance. I used it straight away. I put in my card holder, tablets and hair clips. I put it straight into Céline Nano. What do you think of it? What should I keep in it?


Favourites on Friday…#3.40!

Wow the fortieth week of the year, I’m starting to see people pop up on Snapchat  (Daisy13179) the ‘countdown of sleeps to Christmas’ I think it’s fantastic. I’m a crazy Christmas person. We had another busy week here and the weekend was welcomed. As was not setting my alarm last night. It’s bliss!  I have warmed to and enjoy Gold tones, but Silver is striking and bright and perfectly lifts a black outfit.  Y’all know I’m a sucker for a pretty centre piece! The School Debs was a lot of fun!  I love a class of  Prosecco especially if it’s sweet. My favourite treats are always bought in Marks&Spencer, I lost the run of myself on Friday lunch time in my delicate state.  So of my favourite photos of the week… Bomber finally made it to the top of the stairs… poor things been practicing since we got him.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh… eh no explanation necessary! (Blog post coming on Monday) Yes Yes Yes… some kind kids I teach helped my OCD tendencies and fixed up my crayons… for the moment anyway. Gotta leave them in order for my substitute teacher (more on that next week) Have a wonderful Sunday with you nearest and dearest…