Favourites on Bank Holiday Friday…#3.30

The three day weekend has everyone excited and in a holiday mood. We got back from London and have spent the last two days catching up on sleep and washing. This weekend I’m so excited to see ‘Finding Dory’ and next week we have preview tickets to ‘Mike and Dave need Wedding Dates’ on Tuesday. But next week is ‘Suicide Squad’ week. I mean you’ve no idea how long I’ve waited for it. 

I photographed some really pretty things in London. This Kate Spade clutch! Just WOW! 

   Dunkin Donuts, are still my all-time Favourites! I highly recommend the Eton Mess donut! 

  I know Zara are absolutely killing it for this Autumn… With clothing and accessories.

    I am not a burger snob but Five Guys make a pretty amazing burger.

    I love M&Ms we love going to the shop and spending extortionate prices on sweets.

A family selfie with my cousin and her gorgeous girls.

 The coffee at London City Airport was surprisingly good. 

  This is my first time to use these Benefit goodies, loving them!

 I had to include this, Bomber was so happy to see Tom. It was incredibly cute. Happy a very nice Bank Holiday guys! 

❤️ Siobhan.

Favourites on Friday: London 2nd Edition!

So this is the third Favourites On Friday Post from London! How lucky I am! So I originally had a Favourites on Friday…London Edition. it captured my falling in love with this city perfectly. While we are reminiscing I also had a Favourites on Friday…Harrod Edition! I mean it’s Harrods so of course it was a favourite. This trip is so exciting, simply because Tom is older and really gets ‘Holiday time’ now. I have neglected my Instagram recently, but hoping to get some great Instas from London. 

 I found myself in Zara, before we got over here, their new stock is exquisite and this cute drawstring bag is adorable. 

 This pretty much sums up my Summer… All the coffee! Going for coffee/having coffee it is without doubt one of my favourite things to do. 

 I am loving this Bourjois concealer. 

 We brought Tom to the London Aquarium here yesterday, this is my favourite photo of the day, think it sums up what Tom thought of it. 

 We met the Ghostbusters on the street by the south bank. Ah Ecto 1, best cat ever! 

How amazing is Big Ben! Have a fantastic weekend. We are off to Legoland on Sunday. 

❤️ Siobhan.

The Concealer obsession continues…

Hands up if you love concealer? I know you’re with me! Let me tell you the latest in my dark circle saga…

I have talked about my love for concealer so much! I love them! I still love the budget friendly Maybelline concealer with the longest name in the world, and the higher end Nars Creamy Concealer is another favourite. Rebecca from Lipstick, Glitter and me, told me I need to get Mac Pro Longwear, that will be next on the list! 

Is it just me or are Bourjois still having a moment. They have introduced a number of products that are fabulous and this concealer is no different.

The Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer is the latest product I’m a big fan of. It’s fantastic and the coverage is amazing. 

The product is surprisingly light given the amount of coverage you get. I got the lightest of the shades, the full shade range is here, very originally it’s called light. The Bourjois range is on deal here on the Boots website. 

I haven’t had creasing with it. I love the applicator and packaging. For the price it feels far more lux. 

 I apply in a triangle across the cheek and then blend up to the eye. I think I will be repurchasing this one. I feel it lasted the day and the coverage is a little heavier than the maybelline. What’s your favourite concealer that the moment… I know it can change (mine does), let me know in the comments! 

❤️ Siobhan.