Favourites on Friday… #3.47

So I’d love to tell you that my post is late because I’d been living it up, but in reality  I’ve spent the entire weekend being a domestic goddess… read here… I spent the weekend ironing and in a pair of marigolds. I mean the glamour! But we are now ready to put our Christmas tree up tomorrow night. Expect a flood of photos on my Instagram in the coming week. Seriously though… about fifteen hours of ironing and I now know I’m turning into my mother, because I couldn’t stop until it was finished.  This scarf is from My Shining Armour, it’s now one of favourites. The little stars are pretty and delicate and although they’re rose gold, it’s very day appropriate. I thought this leave was so pretty and it was sitting right by itself when I got out of the car. Ah Starbucks, are definitely winning the best Christmas cup award!  Hello red nail season! It’s unlikely I’ll wear any other shade until next year!   Crazy traffic in the morning means I’m back to photographing my armcandy!   Ah I’m dizzy thinking that this week is December, I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet, but I never have a problem thinking of presents and I enjoy shopping. There are some big birthdays in my family next week, kicking  off with my Brother’s fortieth! Have a lovely week! 

❤️ Siobhán. 

Pretty Baubles from Jo Malone!

You all know I’m that annoying person who can get excited about Christmas in July! Any time of year really… I have drooled over the Jo Malone Advent Calendar for like five years! {Calm yourself, I didn’t fork out two hundred and fifty yoyos for the calendar!} But I thought it was fate, when I saw this years Christmas bauble had the Peony and Blush Suede miniature. I have worn that scent for years, the cute little bottle is 7mls…perfect to add to the clutter I carry around on the daily! I posted a photo on Instagram last night and thought I’d share the deets here too.  I was shocked at how small the bauble was! Evenly though I knew the size of the contents, they’ve packaged them so cleverly. The miniature perfume is so cute and fits into the smallest bag. The grapefruit body cream is so fresh and luxurious. This is a combination I’ve never tried before so I am excited to try them. I usually pair the Peony with Wood Sage and Sea salt. The bauble is €28 and available here, ideal for a Kris Kindle gift or for a fan of Jo Malone! If your planning on getting one, I’d say act quickly, they rarely make it out of November! What are your go to Stocking filler presents? 

❤️️ Siobhán.

Favourites on Friday…#3.46!

What a busy week! I’m struggling to track back through the days! The week has gone by in the blink of an eye and now it is just five weeks to Christmas. 

Tom’s asthma flared up, the coughing fits making him vomit. But kids are crazy resilient and he spent the days bouncing about as normal. I finally got around to blogging about my Jord Watch on Tuesday! I bet you’re bored of me rambling about it!  I promise that’s the last I’ll say on it. I can’t promise it won’t appear on Instagram from time to time!  We went for dinner in The Old Schoolhouse in Swords. It was a really delicious meal.  I ate so much dessert it was ridiculous!  The lights in Dublin City for Christmas are magical. We will make a few visits over the coming weeks. The lights in Brown Thomas Beauty hall are also amazing.  These Bombay Duck cups are class.  I’ve decided to take a selfie a day for the last few months of the year… obviously a vain biatch… no idea why!?!? Hope you’ve had a great weekend, have a good week.

❤️️ Siobhan.