If you, like I, are a lover of dainty jewelry; then feast your peepers on these!

I could gush on about how much I love the glitter and glam of jewelry…But I wouldn’t blame you to immediately go on and read something else! Eh! Broken record…

But today I bring you something different. It’s exciting! When I found this website, I checked my bank account, that’s how freaking beautiful it is. Sadly I’m all spent up til payday. But this is where we come to dream right?

20140716-214341-78221484.jpgI mean “Lovebirds” on a perch and the only way this gets any better is that it also comes in gold…

20140716-214538-78338845.jpgI can’t decide whether I want the silver or the gold more! I’ll be buying both.

20140716-215148-78708776.jpgThis beautiful little bead necklace deserved a mention. As do these cute dainty earrings.

20140716-215232-78752515.jpgI love the elegant simplicity.

20140716-215315-78795490.jpgThese earrings are so appropriate for any age. They’re timeless.

20140716-215402-78842862.jpgI’d consider these more of a fun, playful earring, but still quintessentially pretty. This magnificent jewelry is available online here. It’s designed by Judith Ritchie. A box for my treasure was set up in 2010 and has grown from craft market to international online shop. It’s branded as whimsical and chic, and I couldn’t agree more. I think the jewelry is exquisite.

Which ‘Lovebird’ should I buy (first) Gold or Silver?

❤️ Siobhan