The Daniel Wellington watch is the new ‘it’ watch. I’ve googled images of these beauties for months…honestly I can’t remember when I heard of them first. The watches were designed by Filip Tysander, he met a British man while traveling and was inspired by his preppy style, it didn’t cross the line of being pretentious. He designed and named the watches after Daniel.

20140406-172220.jpgA key feature of the DW watches is the interchangeable nato straps.



20140406-172417.jpgMy heart has always belonged to the Sheffield Rose Lady…

20140406-182213.jpg It’s a beautiful size watch, the rose gold rim is so pretty and the eggshell white face is sophisticated. The diameter of the face is 36mm.

20140406-182718.jpgI love this size watch it’s my favourite.

20140406-182839.jpgThis nato strap is the Winchester and it’s piiiink and navy! That is all! As I said I had googled the watch so many times and thought I’d have to order it online. My search on Friday night came up with Campbell Jewellers they’re based in Citywest since 2007 and the Donnybrook store opened last year. Check out their website, it’s awesome. They’ve an excellent selection of designer costume and fine jewellery. But, that’s not even the best feature of their business. I wasn’t spending a huge amount of money but, the customer service was on par with the American service of old. It was friendly, informative and in no way pushy. The store was child friendly and minimalist. Mr. Campbell recommended the Greenery for brunch which made the morning even better.

20140406-184016.jpgCampbell’s offers a 10% loyalty discount to customers. I was impressed by the experience in their store, I’m someone who will always speak up at receiving bad customer service and I like to compliment it when it’s superb! Thanks Ronan. I’d recommend the store to anyone and I’ll definitely be a returning customer. I think I’ve converted a few family members to the stylish DW watches, so that may be sooner rather then later…

❤️ Siobhan