My name is Siobhan and I’m a jewelry fanatic…. Yeah I know …shocker! I love pendants on a longer chain. As I’ve been blessed with ample boobage since the age of twelve… My idea of long is the spot half way between my navel and boobs. I had (I used had because I broke it rushing about) a fabulous Swarovski charm pendant necklace that I wore regularly … and plan to replace. Here’s a little homage to inspire when trying out this trend!

20140603-213210-77530819.jpgI love this little pretty beauty. Pearls are so classy.

20140603-213252-77572837.jpgA crystal drop goes with literally everything in your wardrobe.

20140603-213342-77622894.jpgThe watch pendant pretty and practical.

20140603-213412-77652603.jpgThe leaf style pendant isn’t going anywhere…Thank God!

20140603-213453-77693285.jpgI love a little colour in the charms.

20140603-213532-77732582.jpgEven with a simple t-shirt these long pendants add individuality and style. I love the look. Do you?

❤️ Siobhan