I adore handbags! I do…all handbags. In fact I love accessories, touches that help finish a look. I love deciding which accessory to put on. It might be a stack of bangles, killer earrings, a scarf, a statement necklace, a waist clinching belt or a pretty handbag. Whether you’re an accessories fanatic or not, a handbag is a must. I honestly think 2014 is here to herald the return of the ‘mini bag’

20140114-184913.jpg Philip Lim 3.1 a beautiful floral mini version. Love this bag more than the original size.

20140114-185034.jpg Oh sweet lord! Check out this mini classic Chanel flap! It’s like an angel kiss.

20140114-185612.jpg This little beauty is from Zara, typical Zara it’s classy and elegant.

These are a few of the beauties available right now. I realise they’re all black and while it’s not an expected colour of the coming season, when looking and maybe investing in a new bag, I rarely deviate from black. I think it’s a classic that will transcend trend, season but most importantly I think it physically stands the test of time. I spotted this Michael Kors bag before our trip to NYC last year and regretted not picking it up. My husband remembered and surprised me yesterday for my birthday!

20140114-191546.jpg This little beauty is the Michael kors ‘Bedford’ I’m in love!

20140114-191715.jpg I love the three zip nod to the Celine trio!

20140114-191913.jpg It holds my iPhone, glasses, wallet and essential lipglosses. It is perfect for a night out dancing,a festival/concert, a shopping day or travelling. It’ll be a go-to for years to come!

❤️ Siobhan