I heart Clutch bags. They are so classy, elegant and for me add glamour to any outfit. I especially love that the clutch has now filtered into daytime wear. There is only one thing more beautiful then a big statement clutch, and that’s if it has a concealed long strap option. You can carry this beauty until the dancing hour and then over the shoulder she goes. PERFECT! Here’s a round up of some fabulous statement clutches for a little style inspiration.




20140309-081327.jpg The next few bags are kept in a folder that reads ‘lotto win’, but a girl can appreciate their beauty and finish.

20140309-090940.jpg Michael Kors.

20140309-091013.jpg Mrs Victoria Beckham.

20140309-091041.jpg Oscar de la Renta.

20140309-091213.jpg Newbark (so pretty!)

20140309-091303.jpg The Queen herself ‘Chanel’. Fair play if you’re still scrolling. It doesn’t take long for high-end designer pieces to inspire the buying teams of the high-street. Take the following two black clutch bags, one is £25 on ASOS and the other is almost twenty times that from Elizabeth and James.


20140309-091846.jpg Can you guess which is which?

❤️ Siobhan