I will openly admit that I have an addiction to all things shiny, just like a magpie I’m drawn to sparkle and glitter, silk and sequins. I must add here though when I add to the family of necklaces, and it’s not as often as it used to be…(with age has come sense and restraint) I really look after it. I will no matter how tired I am rewrap her and put her back in her box, bit like taking off your makeup before going to bed!
Here are some of the necklaces that have been catching my eye on ASOS lately…(drool)


20140202-162602.jpg These bigger necklaces look fabulous over a t-shirt or paired with a LBD for a more glamorous look. But if you’d rather make a smaller, simple statement these pieces are stunning.


20140202-162837.jpg I also love any necklace with spikes, I think the mix of masculine edgy pieces with pretty knits or florals is awesome. These ‘spiky’ offerings are deadly.


20140203-113950.jpg If I’m feeling the ‘delicate’ look I’ll opt for something with dainty stars. No one does dainty better then ‘Dogeared’

20140203-120935.jpg This little star is more budget friendly then the ‘Dogeared’…

20140203-121042.jpg I’d love them all… Which is your favourite?

❤️ Siobhan