Nothing gets the blood pumping in your veins like these little numbers in Boots. I went in to simply pick up some Collection Lasting perfection concealer (because it’s awesome)

20140312-173414.jpg If you haven’t tried this concealer… You really should. Now I could’ve bought three of these and happily left the shop, except they only had two in my shade ‘fair’ so I set off to find a third item, my freebie! I scoured the Essie counter, since I’ve become the Essie Convert. The shades were pretty and I was very tempted by this Candy Apple colour…

20140312-201341.jpg I was tempted but not convinced. I was drawn back to the Collection stand, I’ve never tried any of their other stuff. Then I spotted these cream shadow pencils.

20140312-201530.jpg While I love make-up I can be very lazy with its application; so pencils like this were invented for people like me! They’re soft and blend easily. I bought two, I went for the ‘Vintage blush’ and ‘Hot Chocolate’ they make fantastic everyday colours.

20140312-202414.jpg Their is a little shine to them. It’s not a glitter but more a shimmer. These pencils are €5.09 each, a total bargain, throw in the 3 for 2 and they’re definitely  worth a try!

❤️ Siobhan