If you are of the “Grinch” persuasion and do not like the ‘C’ word before the month of December… Exit now!

As a child one of my favourite parts of the countdown to Christmas was the chocolate calendars. The chocolate was nasty but I loved the little picture that was embossed on it. As we became teens my mam filled a cloth calendar with more appropriate goodies…hard cash. The beauty world is now flush with stunning calendars that offer high-end and high-street makeup goodies!

In typical ‘dreaming style’ I’ve gathered my favourites from the net so we can drool together…

{photos: Cosmopolitan.com}

This Benefit calendar offers up the best the brand can offer. I love it!


The Liberty calendar is full of Diptique, Laura Mercier and NARS!


The L’Occitane calendar… Yup this bad boy is gonna make those dark early mornings bright.


Sweet Baby Jesus… I saved the very best (and most expensive) until last. This Jo Malone Advent Calendar has me salivating… We’re way into dreaming territory here guys…but look at it…

These beauties don’t come cheaply, but there’s plenty of time to save your pennies!

{Pssst… It’s only 65 days to Christmas}

❤️ Siobhan