The perfect way to spend a Wednesday evening is surrounded by exclusive fragrance at Chanel in Brown Thomas. I was invited to do the Masterclass with Samantha and jumped at the opportunity. The individual class is a one-to-one with a fragrance advisor to peruse the Chanel Exclusive scents, only available in BT!  

 The whole experience is amazing.  

 A coffee infused ceramic is used to clear the nose between notes! Each of my favourite fragrances is broken down and explained. As is the significance behind the symbols and touches that Coco Chanel was a huge fan of using.  

 The bubbles flowed and honestly, being the learning freak I am…this whole class was right up my street.  

 The ceramic tubes are soaked in fragrance and used for three months, being soaked in fragrance every week.  

 The consultation area is exquisite and the experience was fancy! Something you don’t do everyday. The masterclass is fifty euro…(*this is redeemable against Chanel products) This would make an awesome gift for fragrance lovers and lovers of Chanel! My affair with Chanel is well documented on my Instagram – here! What’s your favourite scent… Do you have a signature? 

❤️ Siobhan.