It is by complete accident that this post came about. My husband went on a school trip to a football match and surprised me with a gift on his return. I was really excited to try them. A new lipgloss by YSL…it’s a foolproof partnership. I am a fan of the glossy stains and have ‘somewhat’ mastered their application although they’re still not a thirty second lather on kind of product! These little lovelies are the opposite. Welcome to the beauty bag YSL Gloss Volupte…

20140203-214853.jpg The signature gold packaging is shiny and pretty. I got the colours 207 and 208.

20140203-214955.jpg They’re really beautiful full-bodied colours. The 207 is the brightest of the two. This red, although a little intimidating in the tube is really easy to wear.

20140203-215155.jpg It glides on easy and the sponge is pointed, makes filling in your Cupid’s bow really easy.

20140203-215317.jpg I love the curved wand and I’ve never seen anything like it before.

20140203-215406.jpg The 208 is a deeper berry toned colour, it’s fabulous

20140203-215452.jpg What I especially love about these is the rich consistency. They’re not drying, your lips feel so soft and silky for a few hours after it’s been applied. It’s creamy and the pigmentation is very good. Well done YSL!

❤️ Siobhan