This little pretty was a cruise purchase… and by cruise, I mean ferry with school kids and lots of them! The shopping areas are relatively small on Irish Ferries…But I’ve never let that stop me before…

 These ‘Tips and Tricks’ boxes are sheer genius from Benefit. They are an excellent way to become introduced to a few products from the brand without having to invest in just one product. There’s nothing better than a beauty expert making you feel like a million dollars at a beauty counter with the intoxicating perfumes wafting up your nose. But let’s be honest…They’re experts! They have the tools and expertise to sell every product! But the real test is when we, as meer mortals, use them ourselves.

The ‘Benetint’ and ‘Highbeam’ are the reason I bought the box! I’m a big fan of the Benetint. These products highlight and flush the cheeks in a beautiful natural way.

The ‘Sugar-bomb’ blush is so natural and the gloss is super shiny.

Get ready for the cheesy close-up selfie!

What’s your all-time favourite Benefit product?

❤️ Siobhan.