Who doesn’t love the airport! It is easily one of my favourite parts of any trip. Now I realise as I write that I ultimately mean Dublin Airport, the destination airport doesn’t hold quiet the same excitement (unless it’s to be reunited with a certain blonde tornado…our return to Tom after NY last October, my solo return from Rome might prove the same, but I mean the return from family holidays when we, three, are all together). I flew to Rome yesterday for the ISYL…Internationl Symposium of Young Lasallians (more to come on that) but here’s a sneak peak into my carry on bag…

20140208-123524.jpg This is my carryon bag, it’s the large LV neverfull in the Damier ebene. This was a gift for my birthday from all my family (TIP: If you have your eye on a really nice bag, getting gift vouchers from all your family and friends is the way to go!

20140208-123913.jpg Simple wipes, deodorant, water spray and sanitiser are essentials for me. The wipes are great to freshen up.

20140208-124042.jpg In my make-up bag, plasters, headache tablets, gum, eight hour lip cream, hair bobbins (I still call them bobbins) and tissues.

20140208-124151.jpg Magazines and my IPad are next…sure magazines are integral parts of flying.

20140208-124310.jpg My wallet for any sneaky airport purchases… We all do it. Lastly and probably one of the most important parts for me…SPACE!

20140208-124438.jpg You need plenty of room for water, a 7up free, some goodies and anything else that suddenly asks to come home with you… (Insert * Sneaky purchase here*).

❤️ Siobhan