So I joined Snapchat about a month ago, I like it and I love catching up on stories. I follow some awesome gurls on there…. But dear God it’s sucking the real life out of me! Yes people I’ve become a snaochat whore! I thought I could get lost on Instagram… You can follow me here! But sweet newborn baby Jesus Snapchat is the black hole of social media. I’ve over four hundred blog posts to catch up on Bloglovin’, I’m missing people’s photos on Instagram… I’ve little work for my blog done and I’m typing this thinking – wonder what’s going down on Snapchat... Then you (kindly) get a shout out and the fear hits when you discover how many people are watching… What’s not to be addicted to!

I’ve dragged myself away from Snapchat to tell you about my experience with… What I think are… two of Rimmel’s best products ever!

 So any ladies of a certain age will remember  Rimmel Sun shimmer, it’s not new but I bet it’s in your press! I remember when the Shimmer came in a wear off and wash off formula. I bought the Rimmel Sun Shimmer Tan Mousse and I’ve used it at least four times. The mousse is soft and not a stiff mousse like Cocoa Brown. Its application is very easy because, it blends easy, it drys fast, it gives a lovely colour.

 I got the tan in light, it’s perfect. It gives an amazing tone to the skin. However it doesn’t last seven days, check yourself Rimmel… But when a tan gives a great colour and wears off well ~ you can forgive it anything! You’d need to apply this tan twice a week!

 The second of the Rimmel products is this ‘Good to Glow’, this highlighter is so so nice. I’ve used it all over as a base for make-up, on its own and as a cheek highlight. It’s such an easy lightweight product. It gives an amazing glow to the skin. Both of these products I’d highly recommend. In other news,

 {photo: Hippenings.}

This Ban Do organiser, has the stationary super freak inside me chomping at the bit! It’s such a great diary, perfect for school. I love it, totally feels like I’m cheating on my Kate Spade… But there’s a sticker page so I’m sure she’ll understand!

❤️ Siobhan.