So you know when you go to the Dentist and you make the promises to stop drinking fizzy drinks! You’ll floss twice a day before brushing… well that’s how I feel when I go to the hairdressers. 

I mean… what is wrong with me? I’m not a super hyper person who can’t sit still but there’s something about the hairdressers that fills me with dread. I sit in the chair as they make polite conversation around my two inch (grey) roots! 

I attempt excuses… 

I’m sure they have heard it all, but then they go in to examine the hair…it’s dry, the ends are split, it’s pretty frizzy and although I have never been told any of these things… its all I think about. They know, I know, we all know I take very little care of it, outside of washing it and keeping it clean. 

As a kid I had great hair… cause obviously my Mam looked after it! So I ask myself … why do I dislike it? The reasons aren’t obvious… feels like a waste of time, you not allowed to move, the spell of bleach and products is gross and the smell of hot wet hair is gross.  


When you leave, you feel a million dollars leaving, your hair is in the best condition of its life. But I also breathe a sigh of relief that I don’t have to go near them again for three months.  I always for a change go for a straight finish… am I on my own here… do you like going to the hairdressers? 

❤️ Siobhán.