It’s been a battle the last two weeks between Diorskin nude and Laura Mercier, and I’m adding here, there’s still no clear winner. I wish there was. I might actually like these products the same.
I’ve been using BB creams now for almost a year now, previous to this I on occasion wore make-up but never on a daily basis. I wore Chanel tinted moisturiser on work days when I needed a little colour. I wore the colour ‘Sunlight’, it’s staying power wasn’t great, but it gave a perk to the skin in the mornings especially in Winter. I loved the tinted moisturiser, however, it’s one downfall was that it’s tube was hard and not too easily emptied. The BB/CC cream market has exploded from Asia in the last two years. I have tried and tested the three below…

20140126-214928.jpg My first experience of Dr. Jart was as a sample in a Glossybox it was incredible it had the coverage of a foundation and gave the skin a fantastic glow.

20140126-215133.jpg It’s better in the cooler months. It’s not great with oily skin.

20140126-220204.jpg This little beauty is the latest addition to my BB family. It’s so silky and smooth. I’ve used it for two weeks now and I really like it. There isn’t as much coverage to the Dior so it’s definitely for your good skin days but it leaves the skin even toned and glowing. It’s a beautiful product and frankly I expected no less from CD.

20140126-221647.jpg This product however, is a no brainer. It’s a tinted moisturiser for oily people, it has a counterpart for the drier skinned people. I’m combination and I think that the less oil I use in my products the better. This is the stuff of BB cream dreams. It’s coverage is perfect, not too much but enough to give you a little lift. It covers redness and hyper pigmentation, I even find that it covers dark circles well. It’s the perfect BB cream when your skin is not at it’s best. It fills in the pieces. I recommend it to everyone, if you haven’t tried it…you must! As I type I’m wondering again why I haven’t bought the Laura Mercier ‘Silk creme’ foundation… Have you? Is it fabulous?

❤️ Siobhan