Oh yeah I did… I went there! I’ve been using the Baume De Rose for a few weeks now and I’ll readily admit that I’ve waited this long to make sure I wasn’t just being seduced by the packaging. I wasn’t… it’s without fail the best lip balm I have EVER used. I’m still pretty much in love with the packaging though. It’s crazy beautiful.

It’s the lot of the blogger to photograph everything before we use it, eat it, wear it… buy it! The list is endless.

IMG_2295.JPGThe BDR is so luxurious! It’s beautiful, it leaves your lips so soft. I put it on going to bed. I have really delicate skin on my lips and it cracks in the cold so easily. The BDR has really helped with that! Have you tried it? What dya think?

❤️ Siobhan