I saw a demonstration of the Micro-nail system at a recent #ITWBN meet up at the Glenlo Abbey Hotel. It looked amazing, by sheer chance I received an email asking if I’d be interested in trying it. I was all over it. It’s called MICRO NAIL ELECTRONIC NAIL POLISHER *

It was one of those times… It came out of the envelope and straight to the bathroom. I am loving it.

The electronic device comes with two wheels (they’re not wheels – but they look like wheels) you buff with one and polish with the other.

I literally have polished my whole family’s nails… (Except Tom obviously) the results are instant and really incredible.

You can actually see the shine on the index finger. I am now coming to the end of the buff/polish wheels {I have used them to buff and polish 8 adult hands and 2 adult feet}. You can replace them separately which I really love. A great gift idea if you’ve a work Kris Kindle! This is the ideal gift for nail polish fanatics like myself or more relevant if you’re not into polishing your nails but like a natural finish on your hands.

❤️ Siobhan

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