Come on who doesn’t go into Boots and get sucked into 3 for 2! I really wanted to pick up another Rouge edition velvet lipgloss. They’re unreal. Then I saw the 3 for 2… Immediately I’m going through my notes… What from the brand have I read about that I could try. Oh hello there, Bronzing primer!

20140801-182203-66123720.jpgI’d read great things about this for contouring. I have to say I like it. It’s smooth and finishes like a powder. Are you ready for a close-up of my mush!

20140801-182427-66267681.jpgI am really happy with it. Even though I have my assassin face on here and it looks like I wanna kill someone.

20140801-182533-66333939.jpgThis little guy is so pretty and gives a really nice finish. I wouldn’t wear it everyday because I’m not sure that I want to add to my in car routine, but, for a night out under make-up… It’s nice!

20140802-135722-50242366.jpgThe Rouge Velvet is shade 07 and by the far the more wearable of the two I own. I’m loving it.

What have been your latest 3 for 2 acquisitions? Spill the beans….

❤️ Siobhan