I couldn’t believe when I sourced this post that I wrote it last March. I spent the No. 7 voucher and bought the goodies shown. I loved the freebies, but I’d be lying if I said I gave them much attention after that. I went on a rummage through the stash last week. I came up with this little tube…No.7 Illuminating fluid!

IMG_0398.JPGI’m ashamed to say, But better you don’t make the same mistake…I was heading out, so I lashed it on my legs, chest, arms you name it, I shimmered it up. I also put it under my tinted moisturiser. This is were the magic happened.

IMG_0400.JPGThe glow it gave under my make-up was unreal.

IMG_0407.JPGJust the tiniest amount is needed.

IMG_0411.JPGIt blends it a flawless looking finish. Oh man I’m savouring the remains. Sometimes a little time foraging around your make up bag *(coughs… Bags) is so worth it…

❤️ Siobhan