Anyone who has had a baby will testify to the change it brings to your body, your taste-buds, your ability to cry at the drop of hat…actually the tip of a hat… I’m quite the whinger now… your worries, fears … Ah Jesus this could go on and on…My hair has been bad since I had Tom. I mean it needs so much more work. I find the curl is different too… But ladies meet my new best friend…

20140726-224756-82076051.jpgThis minx is spritzed into my damp hair and has suddenly given me lift off. I mean real lift. I love it. I bought the 50ml travel size and I have to say it’ll be a re-purchase.

I’m so late to the Bumble & Bumble party… What are their other star-buys?

❤️ Siobhan

PS : The most important change since I’ve become a mother is the way my heart bursts everything I look at Tom’s face or hear his sweet voice. He’s the very best of me and his Dad in one delightful happy little boy.