I know I’ve gushed about Charlotte Tilbury far too much, but it’s so very well deserved. The brand is outstanding. The packaging is pretty and appealing (I know packaging isn’t everything) The products themselves are so great. My love for the Beach Sticks is well documented all over my social media. My latest acquisition is the lipgloss.


So I went a little cray at the counter in Brown Thomas. I choose the ‘Unleash me’ colour, which is a bold berry colour that can almost be vampy.

So when I decided to write a post on this gloss, I thought why am I recommending it;

1. The colour range is great, I struggled with the wearable shades, there are so many. I decided to go bold with the ‘Unleash me’.

2. The applicator is small and gives a tiny amount of product. I like this, I think it makes application less messy.

3. The colour applies a little sheer, but can be built up to be quite opaque.

4. The packaging is Rose gold and the tube is very small and neat. It’s life span is 18 months… It would never last that long.

5. It’s light in consistency and creamy without being sticky.


I’m really delighted with my colour choice. The lipgloss is twenty two euro, which is obviously very pricey. It wears so nicely on the lips though. My lips felt really soft too. I think it’s a perfect Kris Kindle present…(Ooh yeah I went there!!!!)

Have a great week,

❤️ Siobhan