Pick up whatever you think…he said. Maybe something from Chanel! Here’s my card… he said.

What the freaking hell was he thinking. I was sent to the Chanel counter with his credit card. It’s like sending a chocoholic into cadburys. I’m weak. I openly admit it. It’s more like a sickness I bet there’s a doctor for it. (I just can’t afford to go to them – I spent my money at Chanel. Wait til you see it though…

20140528-163612-59772129.jpgIt’s the Chance eau Tendre handbag refillable spray.

20140528-163756-59876296.jpgI know what you’re thinking…She obviously needed it… you’re right I did.


20140528-164011-60011288.jpgThe little box comes with two 20ml refills (sure I’ll have it forever ). The spray itself twists to reveal the atomizer. I’m in love. Needless to say Keith won’t let me near his credit card or the Chanel counter again, without direct supervision.

20140528-164635-60395992.jpgI did fulfill my brief though…

❤️ Siobhan