Okay this may come across really shallow… But I love Lipgloss! Genuinely I love them!

I mean what’s not to love? The pretty colours, fancy tubes, fragrance and best of all how they look and feel on the lips. For me when you pay top whack for a gloss you feel the difference on the lips and that’s always how I felt about Chanel.

Welcome to the family…at lastRouge Allure Gloss In Distinction!

Can we first ooh and ahh at the packaging. Just like the Rouge Allure Lipstick the wand pops up.

The gloss is very moisturising on the lips and wears beautifully. It’s two coffees and two (ok three) Oreos later and your lips still look good!

The application wand is smaller (just like the CT, that I talked about here. Lately I’m all over the small wand, it adds the precision of a lip-brush without needing an actual brush!

So while I loved the CT gloss, it had been something I hadn’t tried before, it made me question would I buy Chanel again. The Rouge Allure Glosses have reaffirmed my love for Chanel and are definitely something new from them. If I were pushed into buying another straight away, I think I’d choose Chanel but I’d buy the Charlotte Tilbury again too.

Have you tried these? What’s your favourite lipgloss?

❤️ Siobhan