A sneaky Sunday post, to share the news that I’m Cocoa Brown’s Beauty Blogger of the week!


Not only does Cocoa Brown keep us well exfoliated and perfectly tanned but they support and encourage bloggers and women too. I’m blogging nine months now and obviously there’s still so much to learn and ways to improve. But in saying that there’s key moments when you start blogging. When someone you admire comments or starts to follow your work, you meet other great bloggers or strangers that read your blog, the blogger mail with it’s little treats inside and using the blog as an excuse to buy make up and products I don’t need.

I opened the email from Kate last week and read the news, I was so shocked. I love the Cocoa Brown brand…kinda love it a little more now! Thanks to the Cocoa Brown team and Kate in particular… What a sweetheart!

Have a nice Sunday.

❤️ Siobhan