So as I beauty blogger, I have a press of empty boxes. These empties, might make their way to the bin or on the World Wide Web, depending on how I feel about the product.

This is what we do, along with the… couldn’t possibly use that before I take photos (unless it’s Charlotte Tilbury, I have been known to open her stuff in the car park after buying it). Can you imagine my disgust at myself when I went to find the box to the Code Mascara and couldn’t find it. I mean Keith knows never to put empty boxes…i.e. rubbish in the bin.  This horrific photo will have to suffice. But I couldn’t not write about this stuff. So on the left you have The CODE FFL* plumper, the FFL stands for ‘Forget Fake Lashes’it’s so good. It’s plumps out the lashes and adds great length. I then follow up with the CODE VLM, or Volumising Lenghtening Mascara! This is so black. The two together give me a really open eye look! (Are you ready for the horrific close up…) I have simply used the plumper and one coat of the CODE Volumising Lengthening Mascara, I love the effects and definitely have it on the re-purchase list. Have you tried Code Mascara, if so tell me in the comments what you think? 

❤️ Siobhán.