So this will come as a shock, but this week I had my very first facial. I had the big daddy of facials… The facial included microdermabrasion. I was contacted by Crystal Clear, they asked would I be interested in trying out their facial at InTouch Beauty, now it’s not every day I’m invited to go to MY beauty rooms (I’m a big fan of InTouch) for fabulous treatments, so obviously I was ALL of that with a big fat YES!  

 I am a big fan of InTouch Beauty, the girls are so good at their job and I go back every time because I always leave happy. I usually see Mandy, Ciara or Antoinette for eyebrows etc but Tracey looked after my Microdermabrasion.  

 The facial starts with the face being cleaned.  


The next step is the diamond crystal abrasive,  a suction wand uses sterile crystals that remove dead skin and increase blood flow to the face. This step boosts collagen and elastin in the skin. It definitely wasn’t uncomfortable. I kinda liked it. 


The same suction instrument was used to improve Lympatic drainage. So it was very similar to step one (without the crystals). This step cleaned all my pores. 


The next part is the most deluxe part of the treatment. (I know we all love scrubbing hell out of our faces…but maybe not as much as we love masks!) but the ‘Crystal Clear Facelift in a box‘ does exactly what it says. It goes on like a cooling gel, it’s extra nice after the microdermabrasion. Then solidifies into one piece that peels off. Eh satisfaction level is easily 100%.  Who doesn’t love peeling off a mask.  The mask is made of Diatomaceous Earth, I shall not pretend to know what that is… What I do know is it’s amazing. It smells like heaven.

I did experience a little redness, I hadn’t exfoliated in about two weeks as I knew I was having this done and I wanted to give them something to work with…   

The next day I put this on Snapchat (daisy13179) and I got a few snaps saying how my skin looked great. For me the whole experience was very very positive, I suppose I realise the investment that a facial is. I would also be a girl who likes a physical dead skin removal in comparison to a chemical one. The facial was the treatment you would have with a major event coming up, wedding or an awards night. The program can be used to target fine lines, pigmentation and Scarring. Tracey said that treatment can be done in as little as four sessions to see a difference. This wasn’t proved to me, what was proved, my skin is brighter, smoother, cleaner and I’m loving the effects. I will absolutely be having another of these facials done. You can research Crystal Clear by clicking the link. If you’re looking for somewhere reputable I would have to recommend InTouch Beauty Airside! The treatment is a ‘treat’ and one that is absolutely worth the cash. 

❤️ Siobhan.

** This Microdermabrasion facial was gifted to me by Crystal Clear. The opinions around my experience are honest and my own. Thank you to Crystal Clear!