So this will be an itty bitty post! I’m a huge fan of La Roche-Posay! I used their shampoo and body wash exclusively on my son until he was well over two. I still use it time to time if he gets dry skin anywhere. The Ciciplast Baume B5 is amazing and I constantly keep it in the stash! 

Hmmm… This post was intended to be itty bitty! 

The Serozinc is a toner spray, you can spray it directly to the face, it’s a great little pick me up, or on to a cotton pad and brush it over like conventional toner. The people at La Roche-Posay say to use it for Skin irritations, razor burn, skin imperfections and even for nappy rash for babies” 

I’ve noticed that my skin is just better using this. My tinted moisturiser sits better on my face when I use it. I also used it on my legs – I shaved them in like forty five seconds and obviously out of the shower, I felt the burn, it cooled them right down! 

{Note~to~self: takes a little longer than forty five seconds to shave legs} 

Moral of the itty bitty post that turned into a chapter of my biography! Buy a tin of Serozinc. It’s the bomb! It’s the best ten euro I’ve spent in a while. Have you tried it? 

❤️ Siobhan 

PS This is a new little series I’ve started Cult Beauty’, hope you like it!