Every beauty lover within a five mile radius of a Boots, has tried this balm. It’s got quite the following and I bought it…whilst buying into the hype!  

 Ironically it arrived on my doorstep a little after that! Then there was two! This balm is ridiculous for the price. It’s mostly €4 in Boots. The full range is available here. I’ve put this on my skin after moisturiser to give a little glow.  

 I’ve also been testing the Super Serum Triple Age Renewal*. It’s also a lovely softening/moisture boosting serum. I’m using it under my regular moisturiser. The serum has a more liquid texture and the skin drinks it in. I’d recommend it and I’ve used it since I got it. The Soothing Eye Makeup remover, isn’t great for waterproof mascara, which my oily eyelids make a necessity. But I’m sure it’s plenty enough for regular less bullet-proof eye make-up.  

 The range is 3 for 2, in Boots most of the time. I’m not hesitant to say I’m excited to try more products from the range… Can you recommend any? 

❤️ Siobhan.