So I have been paying huge attention to my skin lately and I’m feeling the benefit.

So I started the last year in my thirties (January) like any other year… then in June a switch went in my head. I decided that turning 40 was going to be fabulous. I have some big plans! But in general I decided I’d start paying more attention to my diet (I’ll have a blogpost on this) and my skin. In general I have very good skin. My only issue is pigmentation that I picked up in pregnancy and it’s hung around. But my routine has never been better. I have been a huge fan of Pestle & Mortar and have gone through countless bottles of their Hyaluronic Serum and Hydrate moisturiser. I’ve recently added the Recovery eye cream and the Balance into the mix. I added Alpha H Liquid Gold to the mix about six months ago…with the exception of my month in America, I’ve used it at least twice a week. It’s the lazy girl’s dream, it’s the one step bedtime routine. I use a cotton pad to apply it. It’s a stand out product in helping me keep my glow. There is no cleanser I’ve ever used that has left my skin feeling as good. The Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing balm is no ordinary cleanser. I don’t always have a EH cloth… they’re like ‘the socks of my skincare’ once I wash them, they become incredibly elusive. Another one step skincare miracle worker is the Origins Drink up intensive overnight sleep mask. I mean lash it on and go asleep… wake up to plumped skin. I would’ve harped on about Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream before, it’s such a lovely cream. It’s not active, but it feels amazing. I am also nuts for the luxury sample size. They’re cleverly selling the minis together. I love to use this under makeup going out. That’s a round up of what I’ve been using on my skin. I’d love to hear what your skincare heroes are?

♥️ Siobhán