I thought going back to work might see some part of the week slow down… No, if anything the week is a bit of a blur. The tiredness hasn’t eased at all yet. I imagine next week, the routine will start to take shape and I won’t crave my bed at 8pm! In other news, the lines are open for voting for the Irish Blog Awards 2015 and you can click on the link and vote for your favourite Beauty Blogger! If it was me… That would be unreal!  

These cute little photos are great fun. 

I’ve finished my school plans through to the mid-term, feels good!  

Loving the burnt out candles and keeping my desk tidy! Loving my pink Pritt stick… {Eh the actual glue is pink too} 

My first ever purchase in the Chanel. boutique. This wallet is quality. It has worn so well. It really doesn’t look it’s eight years. If you divide the price by the number of wears it’s almost free… 

This weeks selfie!  

This weeks highlights via Snapchat!  

This gorgeous, Sally Hanson ‘Wine not’ was in my Littlewoods Goodie bag, at the showcase of the Autumn/Winter collection last night at The Morrison Hotel. I love it. I will pop it up on Instagram later. Have an amazing weekend! 

❤️ Siobhan.