I have mourned the loss of Peter Mark’s hair mousse for the longest time. That mousse was dabomb.com. It never made my hair crispy or dry. It just gave the softest curls. It was less than €5 but I’d have paid fifty for it. I only had to buy two bottles a year. If I’d known the Discontinuing Gods were at work I’d have stocked up. It’s been over two years and at least a hundred different products later.

But I’ve found the One…

I don’t know why I picked this up... might have something to do with it being pink! But it is amazing.

I paper towel dry my hair {doesn’t everyone with curly hair… It significantly reduces frizz} and then work a mandarin sized ball of this mousse into my hair and leave to dry. The result is hair that doesn’t look like there’s any product in it. I haven’t  tried any of the other Umberto Gianni products… Have you? What should I try next? I was playing around taking photos and uploading to Instagram here…

This NYX Butter Gloss is a favourite at the moment. So comfy on the lips and a perfect shade for Summer. I blogged about the Butter gloss before and I still think for the price, they’re brilliant. I don’t prefer them to the Chanel or Charlotte Tilbury, but to play around with coulours they’re great.

❤️ Siobhan.