So the time has come to repurchase the Shiseido Synchro Skin* (on a side note I’ve never had a bottle of foundation for so long ~ the smallest amount goes a very long way) So the first thing you’ll notice is how fluid  the make up is. This shade looks ridiculously dark for me, but when blended out it doesn’t look half as dark. One pump on the back of my hand is more than enough to cover my face. So when judging this base here are by pros…

1. The lasting power is amazing on me. I apply with my fingers…(I know, and in the car too ~ as Keith drives) It gives me a fresh natural look… however I think this is a full coverage base (damn that was No.2)

3. It acts like a veil over your face, it’s really lightweight even though the coverage is so so good.

4. The bottle has its own pump attached. (I’m looking at you Nars…)

5. The finish is glowing and my skin type is normal most of the month. I did notice that like all foundations it does sit better when you’re being good to your skin and exfoliating etc…

6. I noticed people asked me about my makeup when I was wearing this!   When you smooth out with your fingers, I find it looks more natural than using a brush. In terms of cons, honestly the only thing is once this makeup is pumped onto your hand you need to apply it, it’s so fluid it would roll off… (YES, I stupidly learned this the hard way!)

Overall I really rate this makeup highly, I think it’s fantastic and a great find of 2016. I have had it months and there are still a few applications left in the bottle. I will absolutely repurchase this! I have also tried the Shiseido cleanser, and the Ibuki Overnight mask (it’s amazing), Shiseido sheet and Eye masks and they’re all amazing. What should I try next? 

❤️ Siobhán.