So this week on the blog it’s all about the skincare. This Botanics Hydration Burst Cleanser* was kindly sent to me. If I’m really honest it lay in a bag until I’d used up my Environ cleanser…(More to come on Wednesday) It was pure chance that I took it out of said bag and used it. The next bit is important! It’s ALL I’ve used since.  

 This cleanser is a relatively new one. It’s available Online here! It really is, a fantastic cleanser that is unbelievably priced…(Ssshh it’s €8.29) 

 The cleanser applies like a thick gel, it’s quite tacky. You massage the gel onto the (clean) face… When you introduce a little water the gel immediately turns to a far more viscous product.  

 I then use a wet cotton pad to remove the product! I love it! My face feels really lovely afterwards. My skin doesn’t feel tight or dry. It’s the fourth cleanser I’ve used in the last twelve months and it’s so good. It’s hard to imagine I’d buy anything else. I have previously used these products in the range! This is without doubt my favourite product by a mile. Have you tried it?

❤️ Siobhan.