As promised here’s the skinny on the goodie bag that we left Rachel Dalton Communications with last Thursday.

Sweet sweet beauty goodies…

This magic tool from Billion Dollar Brows (BDB) is for concealing redness after waxing. It’s also a fantastic high-lighter for the brow bone.

This is a lip/eye contour cream for fine lines… Excited to try!

This is my first venture into Jessica Nails have to say the chip-age (yup I made that word up) was minimal and I had it on all weekend. Well done Jessica.

Ah ‘Bronze Express’ my tan true love. I mean I’ve flirted with many many other tans, cause ya gotta, but I always come back to Bronze Express. I love her. It’s like I’m stockpiling the stuff at the moment. I have the lovely girls at RDC to thank… Thank you! The night was great and my party favour was awesome. Hope you enjoyed a rummage around the goodie bag.

I’m off to London today with my two best guys… I’ll be updating my Instagram so come follow my adventures.

❤️ Siobhan