After a Summer of flip flops and walking a lot in my bare feet. I find the soles of my feet get tough. The skin hardens and it can look unpleasant. In Celtic tiger times a fortnightly pedicure would’ve sorted this out. Now that spending is a little more reserved, there was no better time for Scholl to introduce an answer to the home pedicure. The Scholl Velvet Express Pedi is phenomenal. Now it carries a hefty price tag of fifty euro… But trust me it’s worth it!

IMG_1055.JPGThe machine itself is neat and compact.

IMG_1056.JPG It comes with a cover and the batteries to operate it.

IMG_1058.JPGThe rotating file is not as sharp and rough as I expected and the sensation when using it is ticklish.

IMG_1060.JPGIf you’re looking to prep your feet for winter boots I highly recommend this. I think the investment is well worth it. The file is replaceable so it’ll serve you well into the coming years.

Have you tried this?

❤️ Siobhan