So you start a blog and you’d love to be invited to events… A year later and more invites than you can keep up with roll in. Being a working mother, the struggle to leave Tom, once I’m home from work is real and extremely hard. The night-time routine is so important in our home, I don’t like to miss it… Apologies I’m rambling, eh get to the LUSH goodness! I got an email to come to a Christmas party at Lush from the gorgeous June and I had to go. As a fan of their wares, for me Christms is the best time at LUSH! The Henry street team are so knowledgeable and super friendly. We were treated to goodies… (My least favourite part of events… Yeah right!

 The displays are amazing.  

 The colours so cute. 

   I think Lush is definitely a stop for most people at Christmas time.  

 I did Snapchat the event… Daisy13179!  (you should follow me for the upcoming events) 

 This beautiful Angel is adorable and makes the perfect stocking filler. You can follow my Instagram here, I’ll be posting more photos… 

 If you go into Lush on Henry street, you won’t be disappointed with the staff! They’re cool! What are your favourite Lush goodies? 

❤️ Siobhan.