Okay, so my love of lipgloss is more then well documented, as is my avid blog reading… so as Joey from friends once infamously said “Put your hands together…” and what you get are Tanya Burr’s perfect lipglosses.

20140216-114026.jpg I was very excited to try these for a few reasons. I love Tanya Burr she’s a fabulous beauty blogger, you-tuber and fantastic make-up artist. She also seems like the most genuine person you would ever meet, therefore I couldn’t see her launching a bunch of terrible lipglosses/nail varnishes. She didn’t!

20140216-114457.jpg These are the gorgeous colours I bought as they launched on FeelUnique over two weeks ago. They took their time to get here. They were worth the wait. I bought the colours Just peachy, Afternoon tea and Aurora.

20140216-115127.jpg The lipgloss wand isn’t anything special but the gloss makes up for it. It’s got a nice texture, not too sticky it’s moisturising and one of my favourite elements it has a not too sweet strawberry fragrance. I probably bought three shades that are quite similar but they’re shades I’d wear daily and without too much fuss.

20140216-115652.jpg The ‘Just peachy’ will be outstanding as the weather heats up, but it’s sheer shine will keep me on my toes making sure my lips are in tip-top condition. The little hearts on the top of the tubes is the kind of detail I’d expect from Tanya’s make-up.

20140216-124103.jpg These lipglosses are lovely and at £6.99, with an additional 10% on FeelUnique I can see why they’re selling out. Well done Tanya, looking forward to seeing the next batch of shades and whatever products will follow… They’re sure to be a success.

❤️ Siobhan