I got an email last week from the lovely Nicole, she liked my page and asked if I was up for the task of reviewing a Body Wrap. It claims to tighten and firm the skin that has been targeted. Eh I was all over that. A taut exercise free tum… Nirvana!

IMG_9864.JPGTrue to her word, Nicole obviously popped this in the next post. I was excited to try it.

IMG_9865.JPGThe wrap is super thin and comes in it’s individual sleeve.

I choose to target my tum. My abdomen obviously hasn’t been the same since the aul C- section… (too much information?)…. Let’s just say… It’s been flatter and firmer. So it was always going to be where I’d slap this beaut.

I unwrapped and while the scent was medicinal, it was the pleasant side of medicinal. There’s a waft of tea tree and menthol. I liked it. I smoothed out the wrap on my tum. You’re advised to put some “form fitting” clothes on top so I choose the slip I usually wear under fitted dresses.
I made an executive decision here and decided the photo of me in the slip wasn’t necessary

At this stage, I’m a little giddy, as I’m assuming I’ll look like Miranda Kerr in 45 mins. After 10 minutes I felt this cooling sensation, again I liked it! After 45 minutes I removed the wrap, and messaged the remainder of the cream in. I had a glass of water and went to bed.

The next morning, while i didn’t wake up with Miranda’s figure, I was really pleasantly surprised. I’m definitely flatter in the area. My fourth day in and I’ve decided I’m buying a box after my holidays. This is a treatment that if I’ve an event coming up or a special night out, I’d use it 2/3 days before. It works!

IMG_0013.JPGIf you’re interested in trying this out, you can find more information here and you can find It Works on Facebook!

Have you tried this?

❤️ Siobhan

PS Nicole will look help you choose the right product for you…here