This is definitely new territory for me, I’ve repurchased glosses hundreds of times… but I have never bought two of the same lipsticks… ever.

So you know around these parts, when I’m sent a sample… unless I love it, unless I’m going to buy it, unless it’s become a permanent fixture in my life… I’m unlikely to blog about it. 

Last year I was kindly sent goodies from No.7, a brand I love. The package arrived and I played! A lipstick grabbed my attention. It was the No.7 *Moisture Drench ‘Berry Blush’.  It’s this pretty little thing…or at least it’s twin…because I’ve since killed it. By killed it I mean I used everyday… twice a day it was a product that went on my lips as part of my Lip routine (only lip product obsessed people will get that). You know I’m a huge fan of Mac Soar, well No.7 Berry Blush is Soar’s best friend!  It’s just the perfect pinky nude. It’s semi matte finish isn’t drying on the lips at all. It wears like a dream.  This is what I did to the sample. I’ll be going in there with a lip brush now… I highly recommend this, regularly as it’s the questions I’m asked most on Snapchat! What’s on my lips? So next time you’re in boots and receive the No.7 money off voucher… this should top your list! Every selfie I post to Instagram, I’ll be wearing this lipstick… I think repurchasing a lipstick is huge, it is for me! If you’ve ever loved or repurchased a lipstick please tell me what it was, I’ll need to check it out. 

❤️ Siobhán.