So I can just about talk about it now, but, four weeks ago I threw a brand new Chanel Vitalumiére Aqua, in the bin. 

Not on purpose obviously… Just because I’m a moron. But I went and spent the last of my points in Brown Thomas and repurchased another base. Unable to purchase another Chanel Vitalumiére Aqua… I jumped on the bandwagon and bought the Les Beiges

I bought it to salvage a little pride, and because I completely chickened out the first time.  

This is one pump… YES girls there’s a pump! (We all hear the chorus of angels…right?) The foundation has a much thicker consistency to it.  

So I used it the first time… Blind panic! I really thought the No.30 looked so dark (oompa lumpa like) on me. I said to Keith I should’ve bought the No.20. 

(I thought I had made the rookiest of all mistakes ~ not trying a sample before I bought… But the samples are long long gone on this one) 

I can not explain the magic that happened next. All of a sudden the base lightened and softened on the skin to give me the most dewy finish I’ve ever had from a foundation! I’m loving it! Would I recommend it? YES… Here’s why; 

1. The packaging is amazing, the bottle is glass, but I’m loving the pump! I use two to cover the face. 

2. The texture is light and smooths over the face, blurring imperfections. 

3. It leaves your face glowing. It’s the first makeup anyone has ever commented on that I’ve worn. 

4. I’ve tried it with primer and find it actually sits better on my face without it.(yes it’s a one step base… Hurrah!) 

5. It’s got the quintessential Chanel fragrance… (biggest fan right here!) 

6. I never fix my makeup during the day and I don’t think this needs it.  

 A few selfies wearing the Chanel Les Beiges, I wear No.30, but you can check out the full range here! You can also check out my Instagram, here! (Guys I can not believe I’ve hit the 10K milestone ~ thank you all so so much) 

Now! Have you ever done anything as incredibly silly as throw a bottle of make up in the bin? 

❤️ Siobhan.