I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not quite qualified to review lip liners. I’m new to the game of lip lining. This is the first I’ve bought in at least fifteen years! 

Safe to say I can’t remember the name of the previously purchased products… But we all over lined our lips in the nineties. 

Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Lip Cheats’... are just that! They cheat everyone into thinking your lips are fuller, perfectly shaped, surprisingly soft and best of all the most exquisite colour – pumped up like you’ve been biting them all day long.

You can see I’ve held off on this post. {I don’t waste my time on talking about products I don’t love.} This Lip Liner was a tricksy little product at the start. 

  • You’ll need a phenomenal pencil sharpener. I made quite the meal of it at the start.
  • You need to use said sharpener almost everyday. 
  • You’ll be fooled yourself into thinking your lips are in great condition. 
  • You don’t need extra time to apply this. I thought it might be an extra few minutes to my in car routine… Nope! You can easily do it in 45 seconds.
  • This product makes my lipgloss last for hours. 

All in… I highly recommend it and I feel I’m ready to branch out and pull a Kendall and get me a ‘Mac Soar‘. Unless you’ve tried it and you think ‘Pillow talk‘ is better? 

❤️ Siobhan.