I realise that going through a pouch isn’t a new idea around these parts. I chronicled my Collection of bags here! I’m a big fan of makeup bags…I know…. tell ya something ya don’t know… But I’m now carrying around a pouch for lips! It’s kind of shameful… Sort of… Actually I’m a blogger so we have to do crazy shit like that…for da blog!  

Here is the beaut in question. It’s a H&M special from years ago. See hoarding bags is great, you never know when you’re going to need one. I posted a photo on Instagram here about a bundle of lip products and decided it was time to keep them together.  

 The Bobby Brown is Black ruby 8, it’s glossy and has a high shine finish. The Dior is number 359, if there’s a name I’m afraid I can’t see it. These were goody bag loot. The Chanel is 119 Wild Rose and possibly the most complimented lip colour I wear. These three cover all bases for me. The light pink gives a natural but pretty finish, the Chanel is perfect for everyday… Chanel glosses are incredibly moisturising! The Bobby B is needed for a day like today when I’ve an  event after work.  

 These lip liners come everywhere with me. The Charlotte Tilbury ‘Pillow Talk’  is my third! This lip liner is unreal! If you haven’t tried it ~ you need to! The Mac Soar had its fifteen minutes of fame when the Jenner girl… (I’m sorry it was Kylie or Kendall… They’re like my Ant or Dec block…who can tell them apart!) I love the colour of Soar and it lasts so long. The third is the Penneys gloss that Snapchat went nuts for…No.6. It’s very brown on me and I keep it in the bag, when the other two need pairing. *Speaking of Pairers… The NYX one is brilliant* It is about four weeks old and still as sharp as when I used it first. What lip products can you not leave the house without? 

❤️ Siobhan.