So when you are given a voucher for a complimentary treatment and you can’t use it… what’s a girl to do?

You give to a friend who can use it and make her promise she’ll report back! 

Máirin passes Hush Lash Lounge, every weekend! It made sense to pass on the voucher for the full set of mink lashes. Mairin was going to be a great test of the treatment. She’s admired the finished look but also has a phobia of anyone touching her eyes! It’s been a month since the treatment and the verdict is really great! So Máirin had a full set of *mink lash extensions… who is not a fan of a voluminous lash look? They were applied by Mel in Hush Lash Lounge, Máirin was awesome and took some before and after photos…   Look at the impact the mink lashes make on the eyes. It’s incredible how the treatment works…(An individual lash extension is put on the original lash) We each have between 45-90 lashes, but the average application time is about two hours.  Máirins feedback was great having never had lash extensions before. 

  • She was delighted it didn’t involve keeping your eye open as she has a phobia.
  • She choose the 12mm Curly Lash.
  • She couldn’t feel a thing.
  • Mel made her feel really at ease. 
  • She couldn’t believe the lashes lasted as long as they did! It’s almost five weeks since they were done and today Máirin is spending her own money to have a refill! (This is why I’m writing this post…if you’re prepared to pay your hard earned cash on something ~ it’s worth talking about.  

The aftercare for the lashes is important and if you want the same longevity from the treatment you need to look after them! 

  1. You shouldn’t get them wet for 24 hours.
  2. You should avoid oil based products on the eye.
  3. No mascara. (you won’t need it) 
  4. Use cotton buds to remove eye makeup.  

So ladies, having seen the lashes remain incredible over the last five week… we give the Hush Lash Lounge a big thumbs up. You can check out their price list etc by following any of the links.  If you’ve any questions just pop them below! 

❤️ Siobhán.