“We are born of Love; Love is our Mother”  – Rumi. 

It’s now a week to our Mothering Sunday, it’s always a day I’ve enjoyed. Its had more significance since I’ve become a mother myself. This will be my third Mother’s Day and I’m sad to say I won’t spend it with Tom or my Mam. (Yikes!) I’ll be on a school trip to Liverpool. We will celebrate, when I get back. Last year, I offered up a gift guide that you can read here. We celebrated with Brunch in San Lorenzo’s on George’s street. (I recommend it…) This year I haven’t yet decided how to treat my mam…


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My Mam’s signature scent is Chanel No.5, I wouldn’t dream of buying her anything else. I think if someone has a signature scent, a matching soap or body lotion is a nice touch. If your buying a gift of fragrance to someone who doesn’t have their own scent… Try Jo Malone. I’m loco for JM at the moment.


These layered gold necklaces are DA BOMB! I’m loving dainty pieces piled on! These are A Box for my Treasure!

Handmade Gifts:

It’s funny, any gift I’ve ever made my Mam she loves. At Christmas I put together an Advent tree of small gifts, she loved it. While luxurious gifts are always lovely and a treat, something that has taken thought, time and effort can’t be matched!

Shopping & Movie:

Anyone that knows me knows I’m happiest when I’m shopping…it’s my cardio…even when the shopping is for others. It soothes me. A little shopping followed with a movie is great, something my mam and I both love.

{A side note, my two cents on Fifty Shades, I really think it got a raw deal. As a movie lover, I’ve seen much worse! I didn’t expect it to be a masterpiece. I took it at face value, a sexy erotic flick with pretty people. Will I watch it again…NO…Do I want to see the next one…YES!}

Whatever you do to celebrate your Mam, remember having her with you next Sunday is a gift, having her around all the other days of the year is the best of all. Spare a thought for those who don’t have their Mam’s around anymore. We’re the lucky ones…

❤️ Siobhan.