A wonderful little beauty package arrived in the post a few weeks back. I was excited to try this new skincare range. I opened it and pumped the cream right to my arm. Yup I’m that classy I loved the spearmint smell and then the cool came. This cooling effect was lovely. It lasted through a shower shortly afterwards.

20140726-222543-80743979.jpgThe cream is for athletes. It’s aimed at invigorating the muscles pre and post-workout. I have tried it on my weary legs after some ‘squatage’ and it felt nice. It definitely soothes the muscles.

20140726-222924-80964801.jpgThe cream has a light consistency and blends seamlessly into the skin. I was recently sunburned around the shoulders and I remembered the cooling effect, I put the cream on the sunburn and it was ah-mazing. I am really eager to try more of the Mio range.

20140726-223304-81184065.jpgIn particular, there’s a cream Mio Double Buff looks really good. The fit skin for life range looks awesome. I highly recommend the Workout Wonder if you train heavy or run marathons. I found it easier to train two days in a row with it… I could imagine a more diligent athlete really getting a whole lit more from the cream.

Have you tried it?

❤️ Siobhan

The Wonder workout cream mentioned in this post was complimentary to me. The opinions expressed are my own. Thanks to RDCommunications.