So with the mysterious post title I’ll need to come clean immediately. My eyebrows have two looks. At various times in the month my brows are anything from perfect to Neanderthal!  

1. Just out of the Beautician! 

I’m feeling like a superstar, they’re plucked and dyed to look normal and I feel like a girl.  These are the days that I need very little, but I can use a pencil, like this one… 

   It’s by Billion Dollar Brows duo pencil* it’s stunning at concealing and highlighting so I feel my brows need to be On Fleek to use it!  

 If your brows are on Fleek, this pen is such an awesome one stop wonder. It creates the perfect light to the skin around the brows to shape and maximize the brow itself. 

2. Really need to get to the beautician!

You’ve had a few strays that you’ve duly plucked yourself to extend the length of your waxing, threading or professional job! During this time I’m not wanting to highlight that my brows need to be done and so I’ll steer clear of the highlighting pencil and I use this… 

 Rimmel ‘Brow this way’ is a great product, it gives colour and is a great dupe for the Benefit Counterpart. I blogged about it here, a long time ago. 

If you decide to ignore the stray signs you, like me, end up in hairy beast zone. There is nothing that can be done when the brows get this bad. I usually wear a darker lip/ or my glasses to avoid detection!  
 In this Snapchat, I’ve used the Brow this Way, but I’ve since had them done! 

What are your go to brow products? 

❤️ Siobhan.