Last year… 

I was invited to The Westbury by Environ for breakfast. I blogged all about it here! It was lovely and we were treated royally leaving with goodie bags that later turned out to be worth a fortune. 

(I.E. The products I’m about to talk about were gifted to me for my consideration.) 

The brand offers a professional skincare system. It’s addition of Vitamin A is in a measured ‘Step-up System’ so that the skin becomes acclimated to it gradually. Environ was founded in 1990 and their philosophy is to use science and care to bring out your best skin. The Vitamin A molecule is the cornerstone to the system. It’s anti-aging properties has blown up in the media. 

I used the first two steps in the system. You can read more about the system here.  In the last week, I’ve just finished Step 2. 

In all the products I was given these two stood out. The serum and peptide cream were outstanding. 

The start of this system was not all smooth sailing. I found the cleanser and toner okay… I didn’t repurchase, nor would I! The cream left my skin really parched and dry. I almost gave up, (I did for a short time and used The Lancome Absolue range) BUT getting in touch with Becca, from The Beauty Inbox, helped,  she filled in the gaps.(Her own post on Environ HERE is a must read). I was then determined to try the range again. 

So my system became, cleanse (I just used my Micellar Water and cleanser of the moment), tone, Environ moisturiser, Environ peptide cream and then twice a week I used the Hydrating oil capsules. I’m a big fan. I pat and roll the contents into my face. I didn’t use the Environ Revival Masque as much but I found it nice. I never slept in it… as was suggested… the ten minutes was plenty for my skin. It gives great lift. 

  So what did I really think…

Well let’s just say I wish this skincare was cheaper… Because I’m all out and my skin genuinely has never been as good. I have two skincare issues, broken capillaries in the cheeks and sun damage pigmentation. It took a while for my skin to adjust to the system… At times it felt dry…This was my old dead skin melting off and the layers beneath the surface being treated. Professional skincare penetrates the many layers of the skin. Cosmetic skincare treats the surface of the skin. Would I suggest or recommend this system… Absolutely! My skin is brighter, clearer and former. When you purchase the system, you are given a face scan and your face will be scanned again and again to allow you measure the improvements in your skin. I only got as far as AVST 2. There are five steps in the system all building up the level of Vitamin A in the skin. (Rewinding the clock basically, you’ll look eighteen years old in no time). It’s definitely a system I wouldn’t rule out buying back into in the future. With holidays coming up, my fancy skincare is on the back burner. Have you heard of Environ? 

❤️ Siobhan.