I had these photos taken for a while and just didn’t get around to telling y’all about my new red!

I love ‘Red’ nails, especially a good, deep, blood coloured red. My fascination with Chanel nail varnish isn’t going anywhere. Lotus Rouge is still my favourite colour as I talked about way back here. This little series will be a road-testing of different brands and colours.

Who doesn’t love a little Rimmel? The brand can do no wrong at the minute. This nail varnish is gorgeous. The first time I applied it I got five days… It wasn’t a fluke either I think five days is kind of a standard. This would be quite unheard of for moi.

I love the finish and the price is very reasonable. The colour is Venus 124. This nail varnish is a deal for €6.49 and are on 3 for 2 offer here in boots.

Have you tried this? What’s your favourite colour?

❤️ Siobhan