So you will remember me telling you that for about six weeks I was out of both Chanel Les Beige and Chanel Vitalumiére Aqua, these are without question my favourite bases to date. 

So why was I so long without my loves. The truth is, I’d been sent two bottle of No.7 foundations* and when I tried them out, I didn’t hate them. 

The bases were No.7 Beautifully Matte Light foundation and No.7 Beautifully Matte foundation. The ‘Light’ version was by far the winner for me. It had a much lighter texture (SHOCKER! Didn’t see that one coming) but suited my skin type (normal/oilbag) much better. So why did I love this? 

Well let’s start with application, I applied over the No.7 Skin Illuminator, I first tried it, and blogged about it, two years ago. I still have a lot of love for it. The matte finish over the Illuminator gave a lovely glow to my skin. I didn’t feel I needed to powder with this foundation. I feel like it wore over about 6-8 hours, so not as long as my Chanel foundation but for a budget friendly base, these No.7 Matte foundations can not be overlooked. The finish is very natural.  The full range is here, but you can be colour matched instore and I highly recommend that too. 

Have you tried these? What are your thoughts? 

❤️ Siobhan.